Tropical Weather & Alerts

SPECIAL NOTE TO OUR GUESTS:  Caribbean Villas Management (LIV) is always monitoring Caribbean weather reports for alerts to adverse weather conditions that necessitate securing properties. Should a storm be deemed by government officials to be of concern, we will notify you.

During a storm, the islands could be without power and communications; air and seaports may be closed, curfews may impede mobility, and roads may become impassible. Without air conditioning, fans, running water (all villas pump water for washing, drinking and flushing from a cistern) your villa would become quite uncomfortable and unsafe.

For this reason, we ask that you review the following procedures, as they must be followed without question or exception for your safety.

St. Thomas villa guests: Please evacuate your villa when requested and check into a local hotel or depart the island. All guests must make their own alternate accommodation or travel arrangements and we will give you as much time as allowed by official government announcements. We must ask that you fully understand this very important requirement.

Guests on other islands: Please adhere to the guidelines set by your local island manager, who is the go-to for the final call regarding the evacuation and closing of your villa. The islands are dozens of miles apart, and it is possible that what affects one island or area, will not affect another. Your island manager is the source of your direction in these circumstances.

Adjustment to rental terms: LIV will provide a prompt and full refund of all rental monies and hotel taxes prorated from the day you are asked to depart your villa.

Relocation: Once you have made your plans to depart or relocate, do notify LIV so that we may account for you and your party (and for our peace of mind)! You may email or send a text to Angela St. Hilaire at 340-998-4032.

LIV strongly recommends trip cancellation insurance.

Hurricane Season runs from June 1-November .

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