St. Croix Villa Miramar: Extravagance with Nature in Mind!


Miramar villa from the water

The villa Miramar on St. Croix will indulge you with amazing extravagance, modern convenience, and waterfront splendor… your total immersion in the beauty of the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands will be so complete, you will remain blissfully unaware of the efforts that went into reducing your carbon footprint as you partake of the ultimate in luxury.

This gated, 5 bedroom estate has just undergone a replacement and upgrade of four HVAC systems to higher efficiency specifications, with all other units completely serviced.

The pool has been completely overhauled, and its heater has been replaced with a  high BTU heat pump.  The pool changes also included electrically grounding the pool and consolidating the components on one wall, upgrading pool systems and removing the risk to a child from the suction of a filtering return at the bottom of the pool.

In addition, the pool at Miramar has been resurfaced with a high quality liner from Europe, and now includes a sloped infinity edge with infinity catch basin. The glimmering white pearl liner resurfacing produces an especially inviting feeling. Pool water is the same color as the sea and the infinity edge can function efficiently for long periods and without loss of water. At night, the LED colored lights produce a magically beautiful effect.

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