Project: Time Off Declares National #PlanForVacation Day January 31st

natl_plan_for_vacation_day-logoProject: Time Off, a national movement established to encourage Americans to rest and rejuvenate for greater job satisfaction, better health and increase personal happiness is seeking to reduce the reported 658 million vacation days that went unused in 2015; National Plan for Vacation Day (January 31st) was created with the goal of reinforcing the benefits of downtime.  

Through research and advocacy, Project: Time Off implores both employers and employees to remove the stigma to rest that is not present in many other nations. Research shows that the freedom to pursue leisure leads to a more enjoyable family life, greater creativity, and higher productivity. Changing minds is the key to changing the perception of the “American Work Ethic.”


If you believe in the right to rest, join Project: Time Off – and start planning your vacay today! Use the hashtag #PlanForVacation when you post about National Plan for Vacation Day, January 31st!



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