St. John Festival plans in motion!

2016_STJ_Fest_Official_ScheduleWith the theme, “History and Sights Unseen for St. John Festival 2016!” organizers of this year’s St. John Festival invite one and all to partake in the music, culture, pageantry and cuisine of the United States Virgin Islands! Activities continue through the grand finale, fireworks and music in the Village on Monday, July 4, 2016.

While the culmination of the festivities (including the grand parade) are held on American Independence Day, the St. John Festival traditionally pays tribute to Emancipation Day in the former Danish West Indies (now the U.S. Virgin Islands) on July 3, 1848. On that date, then-Gov. General Peter von Scholten declared the slaves in the territory free.

Visitors to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands are reminded that even if the final destination is not St. John, there will be more travelers coming into this area from the U.S. mainland, other countries and Caribbean islands in general. This will mean possible congestion and delays in travel, particularly on parade, pageant and village entertainment days. It is very important to allow plenty of time to move from place to place, and to book services like car rentals, chefs, massages, boating excursions, grocery provisioning and ground transportation well in advance.


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