CDC issues warning on Zika virus

The Centers for Disease Control has listed the U.S. Virgin Islands among the locations where the Zika virus has been spotted. The Zika virus is spread by mosquitos who bite infected persons. The virus presents symptoms such as body aches, rash and fever, and is reportedly responsible for the birth defect microcephaly. While uncomfortable, Zika has not proven to be deadly in and of itself.

We do not intend to alarm, merely to share this important information.

We take this warning seriously while also bearing in mind that more common viruses such as rhinovirus (which causes colds) and the influenza virus (which causes flu) are much more rampant worldwide, especially at this time of year.

As usual, we will ask our guests to take all precautions to guard against being bitten by mosquitos: use protectant sprays whenever possible, do not allow stagnant water around property, keep villa doors and windows (especially the big sliders) closed/screened during the day and night, and immediately report any suspicious symptoms to a physician. View more preventive measures and information on the CDC web site.

General information about the Zika virus:


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