Savor the extraordinary: Passion Fruit Chefs

IMG_3631Every experience you’ll have with Passion Fruit Chefs will be no less than incredible – regardless of your desire. From provisioning to catering to private chef services, the flourish of a fairy-tale wedding, corporate affair, or milestone celebration (anniversaries, birthdays, reunions and more) – your joy is their passion!

Passion Fruit Chefs creates events with style – providing attentive coordination of the all the little details that allow you to free yourself to fully participate and enjoy every moment. Begin your preparations in advance  – we highly recommend Grocery Provisioning Packages that offer pre-selected options that can be modified to fit your dietary needs and desires. Imagine your selection of delicious foods and refreshing beverages waiting for you so that your vacation can begin immediately upon arrival!

Chef services include: Private Chef Service packages, selected meals (breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner), Cocktail presentations, Weddings and Special Events. The Private Chef Service packages offer an additional 10% in savings when you select 5 or more from the full or drop off services or a combination of both.

Guests of Passion Fruit Chefs say it best: “The wedding and the events surrounding were nothing short of spectacular. And we owe that to you and your fantastic staff. It has since been described as, ‘perfect’, ‘fairytale’, and ‘the best wedding that I have ever been to!’ ” We have experienced Passion Fruit Chefs services and referred this business to our clientele for several years and we can say with confidence – whatever you request, they will do it with passion!

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