American Airlines customers notified of new airport departure requirement for St. Thomas USVI

AA changes departure rules - VIDN
Click to download full sized screen shot capture shared on social media of the Virgin Islands Daily News article “American Airlines changes departure rules” Sept. 23, 2015

Social media is abuzz with a report in our local daily newspaper that customers of American Airlines have received notifications from AA Regional Manager Cathy-Ann Edwards Joseph of a change in the amount of time required to arrive in advance of departures from St. Thomas United States Virgin Islands (Cyril E. King, STT).

According to the report, passengers are now required to be at the airport a full 3 hours before any scheduled departure, EVEN IF the flight is listed as delayed. All baggage must be checked, and boarding passes must be in hand before the counter closes, now 90 minutes before each flight. The V.I. Port Authority appears to have been taken by surprise by this announcement, and it cannot be located on the AA corporate web page at this time.

The report goes on to state that the large volume of passengers and potential for chain-reaction delays is responsible for the directive which came from AA senior management. Departing passengers are advised to pre-check 24 hours in advance to save time. The Cyril E. King Airport is open 6am-11pm daily.


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