Revised BVI Festival 2015 Schedule – Heritage, Culture and History in Splendor!

BVIFestival2015ScheduleThe British Virgin Islands annual Emancipation Celebration heats up to a brilliant crescendo of  flair, music, and community from July 17-August 8, 2015 (revised). This celebration of freedom from colonialism provides residents and visitors from around the world with a glimpse and a delicious taste of the BVI – international musical artists, royalty and Calypso, street jam (J’ouvert), gospel and folklore presentations, and a fabulous parade. The activities radiate out to different villages from August Monday (8/3) to August 8th.

If you will be visiting the U.S. or British Virgin Islands during this time, you will likely be impacted by the increase in travelers to the region, so please add cushions of time for transfers and ongoing service from places such as New York, Atlanta, Miami, San Juan and the United States Virgin Islands even if you are not going into the BVI. If staying in the BVI, please book all extra services (such as car rentals, ground transport, tours, chefs, excursions, massages, etc.) well in advance to ensure a sweet  stay in paradise!





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