St. Thomas: “Culture to the extreme, VI Carnival 2015”

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“Culture to the extreme, VI Carnival 2015”

Carnival is coming to St. Thomas! The Virgin Islands Carnival schedule has been released, with a full slate of activities, beginning April 4, 2015. The grand finale is always the two parades (May 1 & 2), but many come from all over the world in hopes of sampling local delicacies at the Cultural Fair (“Food Fair”), which this year honors Mr. Alvin Turnbull (“Alvin’s Cultural Workshop”); nightly Carnival Village (“Grapo’s Art Gallery”) entertainment also draws crowds (April 24-May 2), and there are lots more activities for the entire family, including a Steel Pan Jamboree, fireworks, and Calypso tents.

If you will be visiting St. Thomas during this time period, we suggest that you secure all extras such as car rentals, excursions, and delivered services (such as chefs and massages) well in advance, since the island is super-busy with both visitors and Virgin Islanders living abroad don’t miss this fête! Please view our suggestions for smooth sailing as we celebrate “Culture to the Extreme!”

official vi carnival schedule for download  Download the official VI Carnival schedule

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