Trusted. Verified. LIV Preferred.

liv-preferredCaribbean Villas Management’ (LIV) President and CEO Angela St. Hilaire is a Concierge with not only experience, but a mandate: to provide trustworthy, verified services to discerning villa guests. With a background in retail and high-end residence management, as well as Guest Services and Concierge for the luxury villa rental industry, St. Hilaire brings 15+ years of successful partnerships for chefs, grocery provisioning, baby gear rentals, car rentals, and ground transportation to name but a few. St. Hilaire is also the owner of RoyalIndulgence, which provides Concierge and Guest Services for LIV.

Over time, LIV’s “go-to” business men and women have become known as Caribbean Villas Management (LIV) Preferred. Are these the only USVI and BVI businesses that can offer you excellent services? Absolutely not. You can rest assured that all recommendations are based upon track record and solid knowledge of both capability and qualifications.

Visit the Concierge link on our web site for a one-stop view of providers whose longevity and quality assurance levels have stood the test of so much time that we call them… LIV Preferred.


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