St. Croix’s Miramar increases comforts while reducing carbon footprint

St. Croix's Buck Island can be seen from Miramar villa (Grantland Toman photo)
St. Croix’s Buck Island can be seen from Miramar villa (Grantland Toman photo)

Who says one cannot be eco-smart in the lap of luxury?  Villa Miramar, a stately seaside mansion on St. Croix’s northeastern shore, has somehow magnified its luxe factor while becoming more friendly to our island environment! Visitors from around the world have marveled at the interior opulence and endless views from this gated estate;  4 sumptuous bedrooms plus an additional space to accommodate a 9th and 10th person.  [Extra: view a video of Miramar villa at the end of this article!]

Meanwhile, the  Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) is in the midst of a multi-faceted initiative to diversify the USVI power profile (including solar, waste-to-energy and a switch to propane fuel), but while these changes are taking shape, WAPA engages in focused community outreach and the support of future generations in the study of engineering technologies. WAPA encourages residents and businesses to institute their own energy efficient initiatives to help the environment and reduce the strain on municipal power generation capacity.

At Miramar villa, guests will benefit from numerous changes that help preserve nature’s splendor while enjoying ultimate comfort, amenities and leisure.  Recent changes over the summer include:

  • Installation of two new state of the art HVAC systems in the Great Room, and an upgrading of the prior system to serve as a backup system
  • An extensive state of the art upgrading of the entire pool system (including resurfacing of the interior of the pool, entire new piping of the pool lines to and from the pool systems, cisterns and pool; new filter pump and edge pump; new filter; new automatic chlorinator; new automatic and remote controls and timers; new multi-colored LED pool light.)
  • New solar shades were installed on all windows and doors in bedrooms 4 and 5. The fabric shades were mounted decoratively.
  • Miramar has its own automatic generator in case of any island power outages

In addition to these eco-smart changes, Miramar guests will also enjoy:

  • For the deck furniture, new Sunbrella upholstered cushions and pillows in addition to recently upholstered new chaises
  • A recumbent bicycle was added to the treadmill and elliptical machines in the gym
  • Gate overhauled to improve reliability and two tone painted black and gold
  • Replacement of sheets and pillow cases
  • New beach towels
  • Replaced and added colored dishes
  • Programmed GPS for restaurants, attractions, common destinations and home is now available for guest use
  • Internet (Wi-Fi) coverage boosted to provide strong coverage on Miramar’s deck

View more details, rates, and photos on our web site:


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