Celebrated Virgin Gorda Chef Chet Peters at Sea’s Song Villa

Key lime pie, strawberries, whipped cream - yum!
Key lime pie, strawberries, whipped cream – yum!

As guests of Sea’s Song Villa on Virgin Gorda, we found ourselves in a conundrum:  the enjoyable work of visiting villas, meeting managers and vendors and exploring the island seriously competed with the urge to sink into the sunlit pool, hike down to the white sandy beach below, or lounge about in the breezy and joyfully furnished 3-bedroom villa.

We arrived on VG and were met by a representative of L&S Jeep Rentals; after a quick stop for groceries at Buck’s Marketplace we were on our way with our island manager Bernadette!  Sea’s Song’s master bedroom is just off the great room and overlooks the pool, yet offers blinds for privacy. Its graceful decor and open plan bathroom design allows for a feeling of personal freedom and sanctuary;  the two mezzanine-level bedrooms in the pavilion across the verdant garden are equal, yet each has its own unique color palette and accessories.  We hope to present this villa to LIV guests, but were certainly grateful to the owner for allowing us to make Sea’s Song our home base during our stay.

On our second and final night, Chef Chet Peters of Chetty’s Catering entertained our taste buds with a wonderful array of foods, beginning with his famous pumpkin soup!  A quick online search for Virgin Gorda Chef Chet becomes all the advertising he needs;  word-of-mouth is his best promo.  We moved on to a salad of mixed greens with shrimp under a fresh mango salsa, and a surf and turf dish that had us all trying to guess the ingredients, as the juxtaposition of savory, aromatic and well-timed herbal accents were like nothing any of us had ever tasted. We had a choice of a citrus-infused water, or wines (red and white), or all three.  Following the meal, Chef Chet proffered a delicate and light key lime pie topped with fresh strawberry and whipped cream. Throughout the meal, he and his assistant were watchful and ever-present, yet discreet.  A truly fabulous meal that we’ll always remember in our VG dreams!


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