Villa Carlota a True Luxury Retreat!

The view at Villa Carlota
The view at Villa Carlota

Summertime months are best for touring the islands – fewer bookings overall means there are more open villas to explore!  Our island managers and owners, while still engaged in home improvement projects, have more time to meet with us as well. These tend to be rather social visits, allowing us all to connect and exchange ideas.

Our stop on St. John saw us spending quality time with Teresa, the capable manager of Villa Carlota.  We got to experience our guests’ world for a bit, coordinating our arrival on St. John. We know that visitors to the islands come in to the St. Thomas airport and make their way across island, which we did as we returned our car following our Stargate stay.  We were met by Jeff of Wheatley Taxi Service and Tours in an air-conditioned van, and taken over to Red Hook, where we purchased our tickets, secured our luggage tags, and hopped on the ferry.

As is often the case, we needed to pick up groceries for the villa as we knew we’d be too busy to include eating out;  generally we recommend that guests pre-stock.  After a long day that can begin before dawn, by the time guests actually reach their destination island, it’s well past lunch time and all anyone wants to do is shower and unwind by the pool. This is even more important if there are any children or seniors in the party – travel can be plenty stressful all on its own!

Upon arrival to St. John, we texted Teresa (sometimes this is better, and quicker since there are little pockets in the islands where there is no line-of-sight connection with cellular towers) to let her know we’d be at the Starfish Market getting our groceries, and later, we met her in the parking lot, from which she escorted us up to Peter Bay to Villa Carlota.

Bonnie and I had seen this villa when it was just completed, and it’s still as resplendent as we remembered!  All of the air-conditioned bedrooms are beautifully furnished, the amenities include satellite TVs, internet, Wi-Fi, an incredible gourmet kitchen with all implements… but the best feature is the villa’s location.  Although the days we spent were cloudy or overcast, the pool and the sea offered up the visual comforts of an island oasis. One of St. John’s finest luxury retreats, in every sense of the word!

Visit Villa Carlota on our web site:

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